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Message Subject Dreamtard Post: EQ in Detroit
Poster Handle The Oracle's Cookie
Post Content
Had a dream that literally shoot me awake.

Nothing much to it, my wife and I are in bed, and I'm sleeping and she's watching TV, all of the sudden everything is shaking and I "Wake Up" within the dream and ask "Are we having an EQ???"

And then I woke up for real.

We've had 4's in or around Detroit before and I never noticed them, so I'm guessing this must've been a 5.x or above.
 Quoting: The_Meridian

Interesting dream. I had a "lucid dream" like that back
in 2001 that predicted our current SARS/COV2/VACCINE DISASTER
...but didn't know what it was for years until
the Covid-19 pandemic was announced. I also had a "pole shift"
dream back in 1994 (long time ago) that upset me so much
I ran downstairs to my husband's family having breakfast
announcing the "bad news" (my husband was mortified!)
Those LUCID dreams are very creepy and glad I don't get
them very often.

Born and raised in Detroit and its dear to my heart. I
still have relatives there who decided to "tough it out."
...But I moved away due to crime rate in the 1970's.

I'll tell you something to be WATCHING for if you are
concerned about a big quake in the Detroit area Meridian.

The Detroit area is actually tied-in geologic-wise to
the eventual FATE of the New Madrid Fault.
I won't go
into that...but one of the things I've been watching for
with regard to quakes in the Detroit area is the NEWS coming
out of Detroit Salt Mine.

Did you know there were salt mines UNDER DETROIT? Yes,
there are--check this out (THERE'S A MAP WITH THIS

[link to www.atlasobscura.com (secure)]

QUOTE [less than 50%]
Detroit is known for many things: the auto industry, hockey, and Motown. But there is another part of the city far fewer people seem to be aware of, and it lies directly underneath their feet.

Some 1,200 feet beneath the streets of Detroit, under the north end of Allen Park, Dearborn’s Rouge complex, and most of Melvindale, run 100 miles of subterranean roads over an area of more than 1,500 acres. It is the Detroit Salt Mine, and, as a Detroit industry, it is older than automobiles. As a geological entity, this salt deposit is older even than the dinosaurs.

After a recent quake which was believed to be centered
around the salt mine a couple years back...SENSITIVE
QUAKE-SENSING EQUIPMENT was installed in Detroit Mine
which can detect changes in the height of the mine
ceiling from the floors to within a 1/100th of an inch.

THAT may be your FIRST CLUE to a coming quake there
if you want to try to monitor the mine.

That's All I've got for ya. Best wishes in the

The Oracle's Cookie
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