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It was never about TRUMP

The Rickest Rick Sanchez
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07/29/2021 11:32 PM
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It was never about TRUMP
He was a front-man. A household name and quick on his feet. He picked the only time in history he could win and he stood on the fastest rising platform around. Some of the message which he co-opted he actually understood and believed, and some of it he didn't. But being the fast talking charismatic salesman that he is he faked it till he made it when necessary.

We should count our blessing along side our curses, because without him, the concept of MAGA could never have coalesced and brought so many new hearts and minds to swallow the red pills that matter most.

Like anything that grows too fast and climbs too high, it overreached its reasonable supports and now the weak and thin tangent branches are falling off. But that still leaves a strong root system, trunk and main branches and the tree of liberty is still alive.

Now we need to feed it, nurture it, and slowly let it form into a cool shade for all those who find their way to its base.
The universe is basically an animal. It grazes on the ordinary. It creates infinite idiots just to eat them.

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