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Randall Carlson and howtube.com


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United States
05/23/2021 07:55 PM

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Randall Carlson and howtube.com
[link to www.howtube.com (secure)]

[link to www.howtube.com (secure)]

About howtube by Randall Carlson

[link to www.howtube.com (secure)] is a new video platform dedicated to how-to information, rational thinking and fair trade. Due to the current climate of political upheaval, social media monopolies and the unconstitutional censorship by those in power, I decided to join forces with howtube. Now is the time for action, and howtube is taking the very bold step of providing a curated audio/video platform dedicated to reason, truth and freedom at a time when we need them the most. Beyond this, what makes howtube unique is that it has its own eCommerce software built directly into the platform. This gives howtube users the freedom to take control of their own products, advertising and financial well being with no restrictions. Not only have I invested in howtube, I agreed to take on the role of marketing partner. Through the howtube platform, we intend to create an ongoing dialogue dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the improvement of the world. What's more, howtube is financed and built for the people by the people.