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Message Subject Ohio cuts off liquor sales to out-of-state residents in Pennsylvania border counties
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A bird born in a cage think birds who can fly are crazy.

Americans do not know history, cannot recognize hypocrisy, and do not understand unintended consequences.

Americans love the government and vehemently attack anyone who criticizes their beloved government overlords.

Americans scream anyone who loves freedom is a Commie and a nutjob.

In Chile, females were raped by the government and then forced to watch government workers cut off the ears, noses, and eyes of their family members. If they got pregnant, the distraught females said that their only wish was to have their baby be born so that they could kill it.

In the Soviet Union, doing nothing was a crime punishable with a 10 year sentence in the gulag. Some of of the torture methods were isolation, putting prisoners in a box with thousands of bedbugs, starvation, sleep deprivation, hard labor, and freezing.

The collapse of the USA is one of the most shocking and disgusting events in world history.

Americans used to believe in morality, personal responsibility, freedom, peace, and balanced budgets. Now Americans love immorality, welfare, tyranny, war, and debt.

Americans don't even shrug now that everything is illegal, everyone is under house arrest, the border is closed, there is martial law, elections are cancelled, churches are being shut, reporters and lawyers are being arrested, protests are illegal, guns are banned, there is NSA wiretapping, forfeiture, CIA torture, extrajudicial assassination, and secret police.

Americans don't care that the national anthem and US flag will be changed soon, property will be nationalized, and statues are being destroyed. Americans don't mind that DHS agents patrol the streets in vans and throw black hoods on Americans and disappear them.

Soon the Internet will be shut off, concentration camps will open, books will be burned, propaganda loudspeakers will be set up on street corners, there will be show trials, summary executions, death squads, killing fields, cities will be liquidated, and Americans will be pushed into ovens and made into lampshades.

Every country has the government it deserves.
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