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Message Subject Third Secret of Fatima.....
Poster Handle HairyBarbarian
Post Content
I haven't finished listening yet and yes it is pretty mind-blowing.

The guy says the alleged but false secret read is incorrect in that it mentions something natural happening - this referred to a plague and so it is possible the dude privy to the secret interprets a plague as natural - whereas now many of us see it as manmade or unnatural.

He fears disclosing partially because it would polarise people and trigger events which he cannot know the outcome of in the sense of total positive or total negative.

He says it was not disclosed at the time because of talks, I believe he said, with Russia - a Russian ruler.

Something unnatural - manmade or induced - something polarising - something the then pope did not want Russia to hear as negotiations were happening.

Something far worse than the alleged but false secret read to him - which was horrendous.
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