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Message Subject Third Secret of Fatima.....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Texas A&M Lab Identifies New COVID-19 Variant; Genome Suggests Potential Resistance To Antibodies
A single case led to only mild symptoms. The variant is named BV-1 for its Brazos Valley origin.

so basically, tell me, people, are we being fucked by some supreme beings that are manipulating with us and certain people got the prophecy messages about it, or it's more likely that we're writing our own conspiracies that the TPTB are then fluently carrying it out lol?!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78901631

It definitely did not originate in 'china', tho it eventually ended up in the wuhan lab.

It may have been identified in that Texas lab, it also was studied and worked on in a lab on the east coast as well, and from there sent to canada.

And then.. remember the fiasco with that 'chinese scientist' who stole something from the canada lab? she and her team were ousted and sent packing... and what she 'stole' went with her..

when the story about the corona virus in the wuhan lab broke, it was found that there were scientists from several countries working there.. including the one and her team who had stolen 'something' from canada, others from china, one from russia, and a few others.

so tho the virus had basically 'erupted' from the wuhan lab somehow, (many have blamed either escaping lab mice/rats etc they were using, or bad disposal practices of those that died), the virus did not fully 'originate' from there.. as 'the powers that were' claim, even to this day.

several countries were involved in the early process of that virus, likely more than we know.

and yesssssss I agree that 'the powers that were' have been studying the old prophecies carefully, creating their own agendas and FFs around them, in the same order as prophecied etc... building the hype and fear on an unsuspecting public, who are still busy trying to decipher the old prophecies themselves, not really paying attention to the ones who seem to be trying their hardest to bring about those prophecies.
 Quoting: miz.fizzy

Grow up.

You are no expert. Stop pretending on the gawd dang internet.

None of that has shit to do with this variant.
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