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Born on an Icey Bayou....Prophet?

Pink Elephant of Truth and Wisdom

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03/08/2021 07:53 PM

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Born on an Icey Bayou....Prophet?
When put to the challenge, OP banned and removed me from thread.


But, you knew that already.

Thread: The End of Days - The last Book of the Bible - The Revelation - Soon the 1st Seal will be opened

I have no ego


With all due respect, you *do* have an ego.

You believe that you have personal revelations from Jesus Christ and therefore God, himself.

You believe he's giving you, personally, in a special, chosen way, information nobody else has access to.

Therefore, that makes you a Prophet ************IF************
and only if
Your prophecies bear fruit.

Now I ask you, have your prophecies born good fruit, or have there been a lot of updates and changes and new numbers to replace old numbers when the old numbers didn't pan out?

As a person receiving your message, I am obligated to question you in this manner.

If you cannot say "On this day (In the past) I said "This will happen on this day because numbers from God!" then I should be able to go verify that you did say those things and they came to pass as you said.

If you cannot do that, and this is not your very first prophecy, which I am certain it isn't...

That would make you a false prophet believing in the fake information of an ego-flattering "YOU ARE CHOSEN! YOU ARE SPECIAL!" trickster demon.

Again, I am required to challenge you in this way.

Now I have no direct proof of what I'm about to say, but I'm going to say it anyway and see if it doesn't ring true...

NOBODY that has ever been handed "Numerology" from voices within has EVER, in HISTORY, provided anyone with valid information...only deception or babblings of an OCD numbers-obsessed autistic person.

Now, here is your opportunity to prove me wrong and show us your past successes.

Will you?
(B)ullshit™ always needs an amplified bullhorn demanding kneeling subservience - or else.- SyncAsFunk

"Follow your heart, your intuition...it will lead you in the right direction." -Jewel Kilcher

It's the dawn of a new age and everyone is waking up and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

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03/08/2021 10:25 PM

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Re: Born on an Icey Bayou....Prophet?
I'll be posting a thread soon you are more than welcome to voice what you have to say in it. The thread will show what is very likely the End times using YAHUAH's Three Witnesses. His Moedim, His Mazzaroth, and the words of His Prophets.

I already sent you the links to a 4th that I will not be including in the thread.

You can email me and I'll send you a draft 1st that you can go over. It will provide some additional info that I'm leaving out of the thread as it's going to be a very long thread covering 14 years and 2 weeks.

My stumbling block on posting the thread is, that there are many many signs being given in the Heavens researching each and discerning which are important and note worthy has been a huge task. In the GLP thread I'll only cover the major ones and a few others linked to them.

Look into what I've already posted; the Genesis 3:15 sign on June 10th 2019 was the most important sign since the Bethlehem Star in my opinion. One announced Yahushua's coming 2000 years ago and the Genesis 3:15 sign showed Yahushua completing YAHUAH's Promise to mankind to send a redeemer (Yahushua (Jesus)). A promise He made at the Beginning when man fell and revealed at the beginning of the End in the Heavens to all of the World.

In the thread I'll show how Shavuot 6/8-9/2019, the Eth Cepher translation of Daniel 12:11-12, along side 2 Thessalonians 2:6-12, and 2 Baruch 2:28 line up to show a very possible start of the tribulation period of 1290 days.

It's all about Yahushua and Yahushua completing the Shavuot Wave offering is the completion of what was withheld. Yahushua offers up the two equal groups that are within the 144,000 and from the 12 "clans" (can't use the T word here) as the rich wheat Bread made with leavening along with the 2 yearling male lambs (Two Witnesses) for YAHUAH's acceptance.

Looking forward to the discussion.

Farewell American Samoa, the "last stop of today and just a stones throw from tomorrow"and with that said and done I stood up, standing at the end of the day and walked boldly onward into tomorrow and to the given day of rest.