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Subject Born on an Icey Bayou....Prophet?
Poster Handle The_Meridian
Post Content
When put to the challenge, OP banned and removed me from thread.


But, you knew that already.

Thread: The final 1260 Days

I have no ego


With all due respect, you *do* have an ego.

You believe that you have personal revelations from Jesus Christ and therefore God, himself.

You believe he's giving you, personally, in a special, chosen way, information nobody else has access to.

Therefore, that makes you a Prophet ************IF************
and only if
Your prophecies bear fruit.

Now I ask you, have your prophecies born good fruit, or have there been a lot of updates and changes and new numbers to replace old numbers when the old numbers didn't pan out?

As a person receiving your message, I am obligated to question you in this manner.

If you cannot say "On this day (In the past) I said "This will happen on this day because numbers from God!" then I should be able to go verify that you did say those things and they came to pass as you said.

If you cannot do that, and this is not your very first prophecy, which I am certain it isn't...

That would make you a false prophet believing in the fake information of an ego-flattering "YOU ARE CHOSEN! YOU ARE SPECIAL!" trickster demon.

Again, I am required to challenge you in this way.

Now I have no direct proof of what I'm about to say, but I'm going to say it anyway and see if it doesn't ring true...

NOBODY that has ever been handed "Numerology" from voices within has EVER, in HISTORY, provided anyone with valid information...only deception or babblings of an OCD numbers-obsessed autistic person.

Now, here is your opportunity to prove me wrong and show us your past successes.

Will you?
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