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Remember when they....

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12/21/2020 10:52 AM
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Remember when they....
Tried to tell us that Hunters laptop was “Russian Disinformation” and 2 weeks later crossfire hurricane releases a redacted file showing in 2016 Hilary Clinton paid Gucifer 2.0, a group of Russian hackers, to spread disinformation about Russian collusion with Trump to cover up her private server scandal essentially making any claims of “Russia” null and void...

And then right after the election the FBI & DOJ announce they have been investigating Hunter Biden for his business dealings with Ukraine....

So if someone tells you it was “Russian Hackers”, “Russia Collusion” or “Russian Disinformation”, you just look them in the eyes and say,

“Do you mean Hilary Clinton and the DNC?”


“So it was the DNC and China then?”