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Message Subject Disturbing - Many LOVE the Restrictions.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I’m trying to figure it out.

I’ve seen it first-hand with several family members on family text. They seem downright excited with the new restrictions placed locally, as mild as they are compared to other places. That’s the only way I can describe it accurately - there’s real energy and excitement about the new restrictions, like they can now become more fully part of the pandemic movie they’re playing in their heads.

To be clear, this isn’t about my family members. I’m using them as first-hand experience with how the minds work of those who are compliant. It’s disturbing. It’s like street theatre and they can’t wait to participate.

I’m interested in hearing what others’ experiences are with those all on-board with restrictions, and what you think is their motivation behind it. So many people are acting in ways I never thought the majority in society would act like.
 Quoting: Runningwithscissors

I truly believe, as much as it hurts to type it, whether Trump remains in the White House (or not), that we are beyond the tipping point of what would be known as "global domination."

I have been furloughed for 8 months; I still receive my medical/dental benefits. However, I have not been able to contribute to my 401K or any other "work related" benefit/investment. Given the global impact on world economies, I believe that even if everything went back to "normal" tomorrow, that we have passed the tipping point of any "normalcy." The "big dogs" will succeed in enslaving all of us, whether we want to admit it (or not). Without compliance, you will be shunned by society and receive NOTHING! I am not compliant or complacent, but with 5 kids and a wife, what are the options? Unemployment is a joke, our savings have been depleted, we are both out of work (mind you both highly educated and successful in our (past) careers), and the workforce looks grim.

At what point do morals and necessities collide? At what point does acceptance and desperation cross paths? If this is just MY story, think of the global effect this will have for the decades to come.

Who decides who gets what handouts? Does someone running around a Ugandan village get the same as someone with a mortgage, etc.? We're all about to be completely fkd, while grabbing our ankles (without lube), regardless of this elections end result. Why? Because the big dogs are blatantly announcing that they are shoving down our throats and there is ZERO effort to "mask" (pun intended) it.
 Quoting: LeftBlu4Red

Good post, a dose of realism!
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