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Message Subject How do you like wearing masks everyday...?
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
This isn't the Biden group overall. So they didn't vote for masks.

I don't care who the people in my nation are foolish enough to vote for, or if there no one suitable to vote for. Anyone that gives me a bad order gets nothing from me.

I don't wear masks for anyone. I don't consider anyone to have any amount, of authority over me. We are the authority and they are hired managers to preserve our freedoms, rights, joys, and happiness and create upgraded decent places to live, beauty and joy and abundance and otherwise they're filthy demonic wormshit that needs prison for their abuse of power.

I don't give my employee any rights to order me around, control my holidays, my travels, my businesses.

I wouldn't care what the emergency was, illness, or asteroid incoming, or supernova. Nothing gives them authority over me in any capacity.

So just say no and mean it. If any goon arrests charge them, sue the hell out of them. Chew up the line of command from that idiot to the one who gave the orders, and any judge who messes with you. Ensure they don't enjoy the rest of their lives. They deal with you, your fury, your lawsuits, you hiring private investigators even if you need donations to monitor their entire behaviors for years until you catch their pedogate asses and have them in prison for life.

You post, publish, and tell them to their faces on a daily bases that you are free, not their slaves and to fuck off and turn themselves in for their fascist filthy crimes.

You make them run for the hills because thats what you do with all bad guys.

But you never ever ever obey them and you ensure everyone around you never obeys them either.
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