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"America was an idea... an IDEA" - Joe Biden

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United States
10/22/2020 06:40 PM
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"America was an idea... an IDEA" - Joe Biden
"America was an idea... an IDEA" - JOE BIDEN (emphasis his, not mine)

Given the capacity in which my career supports the US Gov't,
I have to be careful with the forum and any message I put out there, by law.

Don't ask, I'm not elaborating on that statement.

But for fucks sake, I want a President that actually believes in what the United States of America stands for.


I am not making a statement that should be taken in anything other than face value. Do not read anything into my comment other than the exact sentiment I offer towards the Biden family.

Get out there and vote. Do the right thing.

Did I mention fuck the Biden family?

Uncle Sal