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>>>>> ORDERED::: No More TV Coverage of Bank Runs!!!!!!!

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United States
09/20/2007 06:40 PM
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>>>>> ORDERED::: No More TV Coverage of Bank Runs!!!!!!!
From another forum:::

No body bags from the war. No body bags from the banks. Everything is fine here in Stepford...

I have just got home after a meeting with a French friend of mine who is close to one of Sarkozy's MP's. I thought you might like to hear some background information from him on the last few days. Apparently, he has been told that the run on Northern Rock spooked both Bush and Sarkozy and other western leaders and that Paulson had a message for Brown to stop the run and the TV coverage ASAP. Paulson stood next to Alistair Darling, Brown's successor as Chancellor, when he announced the government guarantee for all depositors last night.

Sylvain said western finance ministers are frightened of the impact of the TV coverage on their own banks - he told me there were real worries about banks in Spain and the French banks have been authorised to avoid disclosing losses if they cannot be sure exactly how much they are - to quote you, Orwellian.

I guess it all means we will get less real information of what is going on in any major bank now anywhere in the west and that we can be sure it is all a bigger mess than we yet know.

I am told the smart boys are opening accounts at Northern Rock now as there is a government guarantee and you can get 6.9% on a simple saver account versus 4.9% on medium - term UK government bonds. It is wonderful when government nationalises the banking industry.

Your time is coming and keep up the good work. How can they afford to keep gold down now?