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Message Subject Hacking the People’s DNA
Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
Post Content
[link to www.iflscience.com (secure)]

As reported in the journal Trends in Microbiology, a virus that first infected our ancestors 100 million years ago – during the heyday time of the dinosaurs – stayed with us, all throughout the extinction of the reptilian beasts and the evolution of primates. Today, it’s a human gene that is expressed in embryos and cancers. It can even be found in the blood of pregnant women.

These genomic invaders are known as human endogenous retroviruses, or HERVs. Importantly, they no longer behave as viruses, in that their genetic material – RNA, a “cousin” to DNA – has been subsumed within our genome. This now gets passed down to our children, if we choose to have them.

Sometimes, researchers find fragments of viral DNA within our genome, but on occasion, entire sequences are discovered.

These ancient viruses all appear to be retroviruses. They infect their host cells by inserting a DNA replica of their RNA into the genome. Normally this causes a problem – as the human immunodeficiency virus does today – but it appears that sometimes the infection can be innocuous, at least during the viral infection stage.

This new viral remnant means that, by the latest estimate, 8 percent of our entire genomes are comprised of ancient viruses. Tantalizingly, we have no definitive idea of what they do.

I have speculated that with the advancement of agi today and the ancient megalithic architecture that cannot be replicated by machine technology today, that viruses are some form of technology created.
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