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After this pandemic...

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United States
03/19/2020 09:50 PM
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After this pandemic...
Every year from now on, perhaps at the same time period as this pandemic, we as America as well as other countries should hold an emergency shutdown drill for 2/3 weeks to combat future pandemics, economic depressions and what not.

Not only will this slow down the spread of deadly or so pathogens but it shall also allow families to be together at home, having parents and children work/study at home, people can finally learn to cook their own meals, limit or suspend air traveling and polluting factories in order to have the air clean up, animals can roam the streets and enjoy life without human intervention once again, and curb the rising prices on certain goods and inflating currencies (what goes up must come down, and go up again).

Let alone some countries could reconstruct their deals and improve on relationships, workers could get paid double if they are in demand or if they decide not to take the hiatus.

Schools can perform online courses to teach students self responsibilities while getting an education and the teachers can take the load off their shoulders. Less paper waste too. Children could enjoy quality time with their parents and bond more.

I don't know about you guys but aside the panic buying of TP and food, the lies spread through media and internet, and the extremity of being hygienic on germs etc with social distancing, this has taught me to enjoy life while it is at motion even if it needs to stop.

Sure the economy suffered a bit, businesses too, workers' pay at halt, healthcare workers doubling their efforts, and stock market took a big dip but sometimes a moment like this is a wake up call to a life different what these slave masters had orchestrated.

Seeing how the rich dipped out and escaped to their islands or to another country at the beginning of this show us how coward they are. They are supposedly the heroes in times like this. To settle in, use their funds to help and see how their money can stop the panics and maybe afterwards in return receive huge tax breaks. They need to help the poor, the ones they took advantage of all this time! The middle class can grow anew while some head higher being rich.

May this time of quarantine be a lesson to all of us. To those who think our freedom was at stake and jeopardized, it may seem you never had freedom in the first place.
Freedom is earned with a peace of mind and by having a little faith in dark times.

God bless all, and take care of each other. We still in this and after this virus, we will grow stronger. If you don't believe it, go back to complaining on a screen and don't look back. Enjoy!