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Two states to be put on lockdown

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United States
03/13/2020 06:25 PM
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Two states to be put on lockdown
My buddies in DC are alarmed by what they heard today.

Health officials are working with the governors of California and Washington to put the National Guard on alert to possibly shut down citizens from entering or exiting the states. All roads, railways, waterways, and air travel will be shut down. All retirement homes will be isolated with no entry for visitors and all residents to be isolated to their rooms. Meals and medications will be delivered by trained personnel.

They also discussed stopping all passenger ships, planes, trains, and buses for 3-4 weeks nationwide. Gas stations will be shut down to prevent car travel.

I think this is overkill, to be honest. The swine flu was worse and they did not respond until 1 million US citizens were infected.
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