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My refined plan

Offer Upgrade

User ID: 263502
08/18/2007 02:51 AM
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My refined plan
In the read below, I touch upon meta-history, my own mission of statement, some rambling, and some stuff else.

3 spirits

I had a most uncaring, joyful life on a farm, which became my kingdom, for 20 years afterwards, the 'outside world' denied me to return to that state. Cause 1987 made me sick of what I would just call Hitler's spirit? There are 2 other persons of which I claim spiritual connection with, none other than Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain.

animal spirits

There are 4 imagenairy friends I have (also posters and stuff) ... in no particular order: bear, panther, wolf and lion. Craziness alert: I have to 'conquer' the tiger and 'appease' the gorilla. And I suppose, 'prophety' has it, 12 women, I could tend Queens from the world.

the white race

Might be the only spot, a creature like me could emerge. The white race is on a turning point, extincion or victory.
Eversince 1994 until now, to lesser and destructive means, I have entertained myself, with concepts, such as nationalism, patriotism (my preference), fascism, national-socialism, racial purity and race-mixing.

The white race (Europe, North America and Oceania) is, in brevity, self-hating, unrestraint, in debt.

I am the first to say, yes I want to have pride for this race, and yes I think it is disgusting 12/13 years old already engage in promisciouty. However, this is a avatism from the Middle-Ages.... must ye 15/16 years-old fall in love, you have my blessings, you have, not only my envy for never experiencing to have found a soulmate, on an early age found each other and if you work hard to stay together, you shall one day be worthful adults.

Older generations, simply put the post-WW2 folks and their offspring, have paved the way for sexual revolution (bye Victorian age) and excellence in technology. But you are on the brink of decay.

random proverbs

if I would die, the universe ceases to excist

I bite the hand that feeds me, yet my sweetness can give me no real retaliation

1998: I accept to be alone for the rest of my life untill I met her.

1996: on my birthday, this is true, I wished to be never born at all, and in the mean time, will sitting against my door, a very, very bright sun accompanied me in my window.

Women like man that are impossible

oh humanity my thought experiments:

if mankind would one day unite and agree, upon only one thing, that 1+1 = 2, I would still be te one to answer 11.

btw, I wanted to post this yesterday, it was in longer detail, but since I like brevity, here it is again, cause the supposted didnt get post:

the Beast sytem:

Is nothing more than the reproduction system. Whomever curses society with the slogan 'sex sells' is a primitive man.

the Human system:

Your skills and activities that make you a living, or sustain yourself. My preference is working only a coupla hours a day or intenser working periods followed by rest, e.g. farmer, courier, teacher, builder.

the system which was stolen:

I never really had a mind's eye, or imagenation, before realizing my life was being lived ..... The mind's eye, might be the Pyramid?

the combination of the 3 are footsteps to ' bionic man'

have a nice weekend!

And remember kids, Nietzsche sayz; if you have to be a human, at least have style.

User ID: 229752
08/18/2007 02:52 AM
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Re: My refined plan
jndjs[a[ihe  (OP)

User ID: 263502
08/18/2007 03:11 AM
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Re: My refined plan

on demand, I could explore details

e.g. my definition of patriotism:

"that which I see around me."