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Subject Masturbation is not a sexual act of God's will, because God has created a sex life between a man and a woman
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Masturbation is not a sexual act of God's will, because God has created a sex life between a man and a woman (permanent partnership). God did not mean to practice sexuality alone, but as a beautiful gift between man and woman.

Today, more and more spouses accept their own and their spouse's masturbation. If you become accustomed to yourself or your spouse in masturbation, you will guide him and yourself into a powerful addiction that begins to dominate the person. Masturbation leads to the obsession of the human lust, which destroys one's personality and relationship.

Masturbation and closely related pornography (sex, nudes, sex videos, etc.) is a thing that distorts human sexuality and the sex life of marriage. Masturbation teaches one to fulfill his sexuality by selfishly feeding the lusts of his heart. Once stuck on the hook for masturbation, he programmed himself into the selfish and lustful realization of sexuality through which, in his marriage to his spouse, he only satisfies his own desires in the sex act and ignores the needs of his spouse.

Thus, the wrong way learned through masturbation also causes problems in the relationship. Many (not all) people do not even consider marriage sex to be satisfactory, but continue to satisfy themselves in marriage because they have learned it and are hooked on it. This very often means that he watches porn videos, sex pictures, and nudes because he gets hooked on them by learning how to satisfy himself. Needless to say, it hurts your spouse because when you satisfy yourself through sex or sex video, you show your spouse that he or she is not as desirable and charming as some stranger to your fantasies and sex drive. This way you live in adultery by cheating on your spouse through your fantasy. This is sure to hurt and hurt your spouse.

A masturbator is porn addicted, meaning she has sex addiction. If you are married to such a person, then you are married to someone who has a strong addiction, that is, he or she is dependent on the wrong practice of sexuality. Even though he does wrong to you, anger, shouting, frustration, pressure or any kind of negativity does not help the situation, but exacerbates it. If you understand that it is an addiction, you can stand alongside her to support and help her out of this addiction. Relying on God with prayers is a great help in such a situation. God helps a masturbator to see how the sin of masturbation is wrong and how it destroys him and his relationship.

Liberation from masturbation is a process that takes time. By God, the believer will be freed from the sin of self-gratification. God helps the believer overcome his lust and his addiction to masturbation. God teaches him to die to the cravings for sin in his own flesh and to choose things according to God's will, that is, to help him experience and live with a healthy sexual desire that is the sex life of marriage.

A person suffering from masturbation must understand that they must put down sex magazines, sex videos, and give up sex sites on the Internet. It is a good idea for a spouse suffering from masturbation to give all the support he can and can give to his spouse. Pray that God will guide you with a trustworthy believer who can help and support you, keeping things confidential in your own knowledge.

The believer should not get lost in a trap where people argue that masturbation is scientifically proven to be healthy for both men and women. It is by no means because it is a sin and brings with it the nasty and harmful things listed above in people's lives.

Matt 5:
27 You have heard it said, 'Do not commit adultery'.
28 But I say unto you, Whosoever looketh upon a woman with lust, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

The masturbator sins and transgresses the words of the Lord Jesus, for He said, "He who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her."

Masturbation is a sexual act where the masturbator wants to satisfy the sexual desires and lusts he has. Sexual desire itself is not a sin, but an abuse of it. For sex, God created a place that is a permanent relationship between a man and a woman.

Masturbation is impossible to do without any stimulus without breaking the words of the Lord Jesus. Just a lustful look is enough to commit adultery, as Jesus said. Masturbation is a sexual activity that is impossible to perform without the associated sexual arousal (viewing nude videos, sex videos, thinking sex in the world of thought). I claim that lust causes a person to masturbate, a lust for sexual satisfaction.

Sometimes I hear people say that if you don't watch nude pictures, sex videos, or don't think about anything, then you can masturbate. No one can do masturbation as a mechanical performance without any sexual thoughts, because it is a sin and because sex is a marriage between a man and a woman.

Sometimes I also hear people say that a believer can masturbate if he thinks only of his spouse. Even then, it is a sin and wrong, because God placed sexuality between man and woman in a lasting relationship, that is, marriage.

Nocturnal ejaculation is a natural and unintentional thing, and certainly not a sin, because man does not masturbate. Nocturnal ejaculation occurs most often in young men. This phenomenon can be reduced if you do not feed yourself with nude pictures, sex videos, etc. while awake.

Be it the man or woman of the believer, young or old, the following passage from the Bible teaches us how to dress (to live according to God's will), which also helps the believer to avoid becoming indulgent:

Room 13:
12 The night is far gone, and the day is nigh. Let us therefore put an end to the deeds of darkness, and put on the vessels of light.
13 Let us walk in moderation, as in the daytime, not in rebellion and in drink, in fornication and in lewdness, in strife and envy,
14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and take no care of your flesh, that the lusts be awakened.
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