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Message Subject Nibiru came on June 10, 2019 when Sol & Jupiter were in opposition crossing ... and you all missed it
Poster Handle anastasis888
Post Content
And now you know why Jesus had to be born at the Jupiter/Luna stationary conjunction in Aries on Dec. 17-18 6 B.C.

It was not only written in the stars, but written in the Law and the Prophets as the Star & Royal Scepre that would Rise out of Jacob (ruled by Aries) to shatter the falsehood of Marduk, Bel, and Babylon to pieces, to smite all the angles of Moab, and destroy all the sons of Sheth. And not only did it, but it will do so again. For Babylon is fallen once, and fallen once again. And this working works even this very moment before your eyes. For the sign we bind on earth is bound in heaven. We are not having a dialogue, we are making an Annunciation of the Celestial Kingdom of the Living God.

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