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Message Subject Well, Israeli news is reporting on Ruth Bader Ginsborg - Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes rare public appearance at Amos Oz memorial event
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They have a video too, which is also a bunch of bullshit. Some old bag thanks her for coming and all you see is this tiny figure as the whole thing (except for the speakers) is filmed from looks like the ceiling about 50 rows back.

So you can't identify her in the video and when she stands up (in the front row) she stands up too quickly and too straight for what we've seen of RBG in the past. A body double.

Maybe nobody there actually knows RBG and why would she go to this guy's memorial anyway. I don't think she knew him personally. it's a play. They may all have been told it was her.

And bottom line, do I think an entire synagogue of Left wing Jewish Democrats would lie about Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

You bet your ass.
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