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Message Subject Fake ass religious people...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seems most everyone I talk to is a fake ass religious person...and they talk crap about experiences since they never had one of course, nor have they sought God...yet they have the nerve to talk shit and teach others..and they are supposed to be a WITNESS FOR CHRIST BUT THEY NEVER MET HIM... UMMMMM WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? TECHNICALLY THEY ARE FALSE WITNESSES UNLESS THEY HAD AN EXPERIENCE...BUT THEY TALK SHIT ABOUR EXPERIENCES...AND THEY TEACH....UMMMMMMM
 Quoting: natalie

And just about EVERY DAMN POST THEY MAKE follows this format.

Bible quote

Bible quote

Bible quote

Threat of hell and eternal torture

Smug arrogance that i alone am saved

Another threat of hell

Bible quote

More hell threats and a evil smugness at the future eternal screams of those who didnt listen to me the chosen one.

Another bible quote.

(And if posted by Judethz)

Creepy pedo soft porn pic
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