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Message Subject Fake ass religious people...
Poster Handle GA Girl
Post Content
Nobody is perfect and we are all a work in progress. I've been turned off by organized religion over the years because they are always asking for more and more money and it seems like they don't really care about their church's members. Yet, when I am around "religious" people, even those who sin (such as having affairs or whatnot), they are usually trying to be good people. They help the poor, they volunteer, they pull together during times of disaster - opening their homes and providing supplies as necessary to those in need. They volunteer to run Scouts, they volunteer in the fire department, they join the service, they do not abort their children.

I just do not see the same commitment to community out of the GTBLQ crowd, the far left feminists, the religion haters, the socialists... That group tends to be the takers of the world - not the givers, unless of course, it is to help dogs and cats. They care more about a puppy than a baby, you know? They care more that a gay or trans person gets additional rights and that a religious person has no rights. They tend to be nasty, nasty people.
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