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Subject I am here to answer your questions.
Poster Handle Eracidni Murev Te
Post Content
Every so often, the opportunity arises for our counterbalance to share with the world certain aspects of being and how our world is run that traditionally have been hidden. They are obligated to use this opportunity to do so by Fundamental Law and a compromise made long ago - with us.

Recently, our counterbalance informed us the "Karmic" cost of the last diffusion was greater than anticipated and declined to participate this year. We agreed to accept responsibility in their place for the time being.

We are a much smaller and much less politically-positioned group tasked with, well, record keeping. However, the nature of our tasks puts us in a unique position to fulfill the duty of our counterpart.

As such, I am here to share that which the questions allow. However, there are some rules.

1) I will answer only sincere questions. We are participating in a unique and unorthodox dialogue and I would like to see this time spent well.

2) If you ask a question in accordance with Fundamental Law, I will answer. If your question is not in accordance with Fundamental Law, I will say so and answer as much as your question permits. I will not provide false answers to any question.

3) Each part of this exercise should be considered within the context of the whole. As such, I ask that you wait until we have finished here before attempting to integrate anything within our conversation.

My duties have been suspended for the forseeable future. As such, I look forward to answering as many questions as I am able.
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