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A few surprises for Ford during her testimony???

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09/27/2018 03:38 AM
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A few surprises for Ford during her testimony???
Well, here we go.

My source just informed me that the two men that came forward claiming they are the ones who were with Ford back in 1982.......are believable and have facts that can prove their statements. One is also willing to testify under oath, unlike Ford, that they were kids and being sexually playful.

One of the men claimed he could no longer watch this honorable man (Kavanaugh) and his family being slandered and humiliated. His conscience forced him to do the respectable act by coming forward.

Both men can describe the number of people present, the date, Ford’s bikini color, Ford’s willingness to go to the room, and a few other things I’m not allowed to share yet.

The source also has stressed that the democrats are in panic mode and were seen on multiple occasions in loud shouting conversations with other members of the Senate. One overheard conversation dealt with a democrat leaning to vote for Kavanaugh after the ridiculous and unethical additional accusations came out. Avenatti’s client was the last straw that turned this senator to Kavanaugh’s side.

The polygraph was a sham because, according to the source’s source, the examiner had 2 statements from Ford. So when asked if the statement was correct and truthful, they used one that had no names on it. See the pattern of deceit? And later the other statement was used to show the press and sent to the committee.

Last and the best, there are now, in the hands of the republicans, emails and letter(s) from Ford, in her words, stating she sent a letter regarding Gorsuch during his nomination. That letter is the same one used against Kavanaugh but was altered. The emails, which I cannot mention, will bring her down. She can’t hide from the truth. She has been exposed as the democrats useful lapdog.

Lies, lies, and more lies.

By the way, I had a pollster contact me Wednesday night asking: 1- If I believed Ford? 2- If Kavanaugh should be our next Supreme Court Judge?

I answered then asked what was the consensus so far? He replied that for every no on Kavanaugh, there were 25 yeses.

Things are about to get interesting!!!
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