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Message Subject JACKPOT! HUGE! Hero Judge Who Ended DAPA is Randomly Chosen to Rule on DACA - Texas -v- DACA Draws Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, Big Trouble Looms
Poster Handle Osmium76
Post Content
What is wrong with you stiff-necked people?? Dreamers are NOT harming America. Stop showing your hillbilly ignorance so time isnít wasted and real immigration concerns can be addressed. This judge isnít going to do what you think. He took an oath and has critical reasoning skills. Ahem!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76541240

WRONG. Less than 10% of them have a college degree (despite being ADULTS and not poor, underage, starving, children. GTFO with Anchor Baby sob stories. I have a baby, too, who would like to achieve the American Dream that is her BIRTHRIGHT INHERITANCE PAID FOR BY THE BLOOD OF HER FOREFATHERS). They cost US taxpayers over $250 billion a year in food stamps, Medicaid, infrastructure use, and schooling costs. These shits have a better lifestyle than most working-class American citizens who are paying taxes to subsidize these cockroaches. Illegal immigrants are a net NEGATIVE on our system as they pay into it less than they take from it. They steal the identities of American citizens who then have their credit wrecked for life. They are the reason car insurance rates have skyrocketed because of uninsured motorist clause requirements in insurance policies. They kill American citizens via DUIs and good olí fashioned murder. IDGAF if only 1% of them are drunk drivers and murders or rapists. Losing 1 American life is a cost too high since it was an easily avoidable and senseless loss.
America WAS built by immigrants, but none of them had a Welfare Safety Net. None of them had concessions made for language barriers via ESOL or govt forms/signage in their native tongue. They were denied entry if they carried diseases (once an official immigration system was in place, eg Ellis Island). They had to prove they could survive here by listing a trade or already have employment or a church sponsor.
Stop acting like all illegal immigrants are a bunch of engineers, doctors, and healthy babies with trust funds. These people bring disease, crime, poverty, and a low IQ. They bring NOTHING to the table and are a bunch of users and takers. Show me one who has benefited my, or my childís, life. Iíll wait...
 Quoting: Paranoid Chick

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