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Message Subject I am back doing tarot readings
Poster Handle ruser
Post Content
What a fun way to practice! I've been on glp - longer than I care to admit! I wish all the best for humanity, and I honestly have no clue what is next in my life. I'll married, and live in California. My husband and I are on opposite ends of the political spectrum - I am on the right - he is on the left. My family continues to "hate on me" for supporting Trump. If I were not married, I would move out of California ASAP - (to somewhere in the Midwest. I'm a cowgirl at heart). My husband doesn't want to move though, and I can't make him. I feel somewhat stuck, and I should be grateful! I'm just afraid that California is going to fall apart (it already is). I love my husband, and we have a happy marriage - Xcept since Trump, he's really worried. He watches Rachael MadCow.
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