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Switched at birth

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United States
07/20/2017 04:20 AM
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Switched at birth
So the other day its supposed to be cool everythibg is for the most part normal. My intentions are pure and I'm down. Went to the shower thinking cool my days gonna be better right. He brings the porn, I picks the flix, he plays the porn n then just like the night before, I know it gets awkward. He's making excuses, he's switching up and he's the one who mentio ed it in the first place. WhtM at least don't think I don't know wtf time is. I get it. But I don't understand why. Then oh it's not I it's the surroundings, it's too lo is there's too much going on outside of the shut door. Bullshit. What does this mean really? How do u address it without hurting anymore feeli ng s.
User ID: 74898116
07/20/2017 04:54 AM
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Re: Switched at birth
How do u address it
 Quoting: RribbaRribba!

You leave a note saying "C'est la vie"