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Message Subject I will say this once more and once more alone shalll it be said: Bitcoin and those like it are your "rapture"
Poster Handle Crypto cash criminals
Post Content
Crypto currency is for financial criminals, organized crime and thieves to make transactions under an alias to try to avoid government oversight. Once all the garbage crypto money is banned globally and replaced by an approved crypto coin global banking standard, which is backed by countries and something other than hackers and conmen, you will see your crooked crypto investments you got for running criminal servers to mine garbage crime coins hit zero.

It's called racketeering for a reason.

Then all the ftards promoting and investing in garbage crypto cash will be shit out if luck, and everyone else not pushing cyber crime currency will be laughing at you.
 Quoting: Crypto currency criminals 74819512


I am not a criminal. Those I work with in the bitcoin/other crypto world are not criminals. They are heroes. You are about to get sucker-punched by a fatty BTC wang. The biggest known.

It is not my fault that you and many others fell for the media's lies about bitcoin. I have never spent bitcoin on one thing other than another crypto. So fuck you and your CIA cunt asses.
 Quoting: W0RD'SW0RD

I wonder if they take crypto currency in prison to buy stuff you will need like deodorant and toothbrushes? I guess you can be one of the early adopters and let us know how that works out for you and your hacker buds trying to hide criminal financial transactions while you engage in racketeering.
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