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The Loo

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United States
12/17/2016 02:14 PM
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The Loo
Bill Clinton messed around with his French beret wearing Loo - insky in the Oval Office Loo.

Hillary Clinton kept her "server" in the bathroom closet, the Loo.

Seth Rich (DNC leaker) was killed after leaving Lou's Bar. (The Loo). He had a special stool (poop) named in his honor at the bar.

The DNC head ,Wasserman- Schulz (waterman-debt collector) was exposed in the LEAK.

Wiki LEAKS is being partially blamed for Hillary's Waterloo.

During the leaking fiasco attention was drawn to the American Olympic Swimmers. Lochte broke the lock to the Loo.

Hillary's server in the Loo was discovered on the anniversary of Bill confessing to his Lewinsky. Jared the Subway (Underground Passage - where the shit goes) guy was convicted on the anniversary also. BILL (Cosby) was also heavily in the news at this time for his problems. Bill Clinton also was in the news for his Jeffrey Epstein connection. Arkansas family member was in the news for messing around with his sister. The Duggar (Underground).

Arkansas is MIMAL's leaky pants of America or Hillary's pantsuit of America.

Also, remember the Clinton correctional facility Shawahank Redemption - Loo escape? One was a ladies man and the other was a girly man.

Also the beginning of the year was Jade Helm fear. Wal-Mart (Arkansas business) The closed down the Wal-Mart / Martial Law because of plumbing issues. The Loo issues.