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NYC Official: No Evidence Trump Gave $10K to 9/11 Fund

Mary, Queen of Scots
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10/14/2016 07:22 PM
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NYC Official: No Evidence Trump Gave $10K to 9/11 Fund
New York City's comptroller has found no evidence that Donald Trump gave $10,000 to a fund for 9/11 victims after the terror attack, and concluded that the GOP nominee "may have lied" about making a donation.

The office of Comptroller Scott Stringer conducted a review of donation records to the Twin Towers Fund and the New York City Public/Private Initiatives, Inc., to see if Trump had donated after the 9/11 attacks.

"Contrary to Donald Trump's claims, the Comptroller's Office found no evidence of a donation by Mr. Trump in the year following the attacks," according to an "Information Sheet on 9/11 Donation Review" provided to NBC News on Friday that summarizes the office's findings.

"As first reported by the New York Daily News, Donald Trump may have lied about donations given to the Twin Towers Fund in support of 9/11 victims and first responders. While he claimed to make a $10,000 donation to that fund, the Comptroller's review in response to Freedom of Information Law requests shows that no donation was made within a nearly 12-month window immediately following the tragedy," the information sheet quoted Stringer as saying.

[link to www.nbcnews.com]
Bloody Mary
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10/14/2016 07:24 PM
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Re: NYC Official: No Evidence Trump Gave $10K to 9/11 Fund
Why would they conclude this if they only investigate two groups?

Trump: 213

Clinton: 379


Hillary support has SURGED past Trump! GLP POLL results so far show that Clinton is favored heavily among paying members.