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Message Subject Trump assault allegations aren't new. Why are we only listening now?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are only accusations. And some date back to 1980. If they were real, why wait till now??

The thing is, until 3 years ago (maybe 2) Trump was one of the "protected liberals" that the media chose to turn a blind eye to his misdemeanors.
Only once he became a "republican" and started calling out the corrupt system for what it was has he been fair game for the age-old stuff they are digging up on him.

Same with Cosby. They all knew what he was doing, but as long as he was a useful tool to the agenda, no problems. Soon as he went off script the rapes and drug use came out.

Trump is a pretty harmless guy. Hillary has murdered and allowed others to be murdered. Trump - not so much.
Yes, he's not a model citizen full of Conservative values - he never said or pretended to be such. Those that support him know this and accept this. But he's never killed anyone.
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