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Message Subject Orlando shooter terrorized his Florida grade school and threatened killing spree in the 5th grade! Teacher believed he was taught from family!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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THIS ONE IS WEIRD: Mateen was a regular at the Pulse for 3 entire years!

Yep. If this Gawker report is accurate, (and I bet it is) Mateen was gay. The story from the dad is a lie. It is all a sham. Most likely Mateen thought it was going to be a drill, and they went live. Because he was gay and he would have spoken up, his mercenary team killed him. He was supposed to be the fall guy.

I have embedded the report here on the left hand side of this page, because I don't know if this one will be allowed to live. This would confirm EVERYTHING - the other shooters, and that Mateen really was a patsy. Mateen went to the pulse and got drunk off his butt repeatedly and often had to be kicked out while drunk. Though someone grasping at straws could then say he was bitter

about being thrown out so much and went back and shot the place up, it can't explain how he would have convinced several other people to do it. Only one thing fits: He was on a mercenary team with his security firm, they decided to do a drill, the club owners knew what was going to happen and they let it all happen. They might have even been complicit with the doors being held shut. The shooters show up, drill goes live, they shoot patsy and others AND WALK. And if I heard it right NO GUNS WERE RECOVERED FROM THE SCENE. How could that be? Well, read the embedded report here to the left and THINK, they try to uphold the official lie but that is an OBVIOUS FAIL.

There is another obvious angle to this story now, and that is that a mercenary team showed up to shoot up the night club, did the job and left, Mateen was among the dead because he was there so much anyway, and Afghani, so they pinned it all on him to frame Muslims. There is a huge chance that is what really happened.

UPDATE: They have caved and are going to "arrest someone else" in relation to the Orlando shooting

QUESTION: Why did they let them go to begin with? If our patsy is the only one dead, and at least two other shooters were inside the club while the police had it all locked down, HOW DID THEY GET AWAY? How could people be outside holding the doors through this shooting when the police were obviously ALL OVER THAT PLACE? I'll tell you how: BULLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT!

The story line: ONE SHOOTER. Everyone else walks. But now that social media provided a way for that to get blown up, they are back tracking desperately and trying to plug holes they never thought anyone would open. And the arrest would be made over the next few days??!!?? WHY? If they could make an arrest at all, it should happen INSTANTLY without announcement. But it might take them a few days to scopolamine up a retarded patsy and hypnotize him into saying he did it, THAT IS WHY IT WILL TAKE A FEW DAYS AND THERE IS NO OTHER CONCEIVABLE REASON. This stuff is not a video game, where you can predict you will be off a level "in a few minutes". The only way they can predict an arrest over the next few days is if they already have their back up patsy drugged in programming and waiting for the electric chair.

[link to gawker.com]
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