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Message Subject New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities, Businesses MUST Respect/Accommodate Otherwise Face 6 Figure Fines!!!
Poster Handle Lily o' the Valley
Post Content
I could make a longer thread of my own on this, been thinking how everything is backwards from what I was brought up with.

In the old school feminism of the 1970s, I thought the whole point was that it didn't matter whether you were male and female, you were a person first, an individual, not a member of some assigned group.

Now all of a sudden the thing that matters most is whether you are or aren't male or female?

Also I have been aware for some time, that women have had more freedom to dress the way they want to. A hundred or so years ago wearing bifurcated garments wasn't an everyday option for most women in the Western world. Now a woman can dress like a man and really, no one thinks anything of it, either it's not even noticed or maybe it's amusing.

So is a lot of this about clothing, and personal expression through dress? If a guy wants to wear a skirt or dress, does that mean he should be treated as a woman? Why? A woman wearing pants is still a woman. It doesn't change her to wear the clothing that used to be considered men's clothing.

It's just so bizarre that this stuff is such a big deal. I thought we went through a whole sexual revolution to make it NO BIG DEAL one way or the other. I thought people were people first, before it mattered about their sex.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

Snowflakes don't know this, nor would they care.

xx xy

no amount of dressing or pretending will change that
to each his own, but ffs, I'm not carrying around a cheat sheet so I don't "offend" the gender flavor of the day.

Bigger question, WHY has this been pushed so freakin hard the last 12-16 months?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38267287

So they can unveil Moochelle in all its glory and nobody will dare say anything.

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