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Message Subject New York City Lets You Choose From 31 Different Gender Identities, Businesses MUST Respect/Accommodate Otherwise Face 6 Figure Fines!!!
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I could make a longer thread of my own on this, been thinking how everything is backwards from what I was brought up with.

In the old school feminism of the 1970s, I thought the whole point was that it didn't matter whether you were male and female, you were a person first, an individual, not a member of some assigned group.

Now all of a sudden the thing that matters most is whether you are or aren't male or female?

Also I have been aware for some time, that women have had more freedom to dress the way they want to. A hundred or so years ago wearing bifurcated garments wasn't an everyday option for most women in the Western world. Now a woman can dress like a man and really, no one thinks anything of it, either it's not even noticed or maybe it's amusing.

So is a lot of this about clothing, and personal expression through dress? If a guy wants to wear a skirt or dress, does that mean he should be treated as a woman? Why? A woman wearing pants is still a woman. It doesn't change her to wear the clothing that used to be considered men's clothing.

It's just so bizarre that this stuff is such a big deal. I thought we went through a whole sexual revolution to make it NO BIG DEAL one way or the other. I thought people were people first, before it mattered about their sex.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

I think feminism was about treating women fairly. This seems to be about destroying gender differences entirely. This is not a step forward. It is socially very destructive.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71955053

When you see many of the movement's leaders even back then...you see why this isn't just about equality OR fairness for "women".

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