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Message Subject Basement Dwellers: Living with Mommy and Daddy is now the most common arrangement for Millennials
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Easy answer-

the illegals and section 8'ers have the monopoly on any lower-income apartments available.

Try driving past your local "hood" and see the racial makeup.

Then they have the nerve to charge YOU (having a job) $1000 a month for the exact same shitty 1 bedroom apartment where your neighbor only pays $50 a month and has 4 kids and 4 "roommates" living with her and none of them speak english and run up the common water bills....

The only way one can get an apartment in a decent hood is to pay well over $1,200 a month- and $1200x 36= $43,200 MINIMUM INCOME to get in. If you tried at the local "rent restricted" based on your lower income you get wait-listed for YEARS while Paco and his wife, 4 kids, and 10 roommates get to move in immediately... rant
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