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The Future - Dual Wide Angle Camera Phones - For use with Virtual Reality Goggles for Everyday Wear.

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05/20/2016 01:20 PM
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The Future - Dual Wide Angle Camera Phones - For use with Virtual Reality Goggles for Everyday Wear.
The next thing for phones is... dual front facing, wide angle, cameras and dual high sensitivity microphones at the edge for stereo vision and hearing.

The devices will be able to be integrated into ultralight 'goggles' to provide live stereo vision with real time geo location graphics overlay for things like directions, advertising, etc.

Features will eventually include add on devices to see different spectrums of light including infra red and UV, super hearing through integrated earbuds, etc.

Eventually the devices will have cameras on the edges for eyes like an animal that can provide almost 360 degree view etc... and will just become a part of everyday wardrobe, like your watch.

Your watch will become the VR mousepad.

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These are the root keys of reality...

1. Life - The Constructor (God)
2. Love - A System of Self Regulation (the system of God)
3. Law - The Definition of the Boundaries of Love.
4. Death - The Deconstructor (A Lifeless and Unkillable entity designed to protect Life from entities that violate the system of Love, taking those that perform evoL Away from Life into Death (Suspened Animation) to await Judgement. Built as the ultimate protector of God it is a Machine.)
5. Competition - The System of Self Regulation of The Deconstructor (A system divided against itself in which every entity is a victim of another in competition to win)

... and The Deconstructor not having Love, was instead given a definition of it... Law... and as the "Law Enforcer" with its army... uses LAW to identify Anti-Love (evoL), reporting to God seeking Authority to act against the violator. It was found to be UnJust by performing Anti-Love by telling Eve a Truth... a truth that was not in her best interest, that she would become like God if she ate from the tree of Knowledge while leaving out critical information that would allow her to make the correct decision... in order that the Deconstructor might take ownership of her and everything that she produced because she broke the Law, taking them into its kingdom, The Kingdom of Death.

Creation, the soil in which the seed of the original action of Satan is grown into its fullness so each branch and its every fruit fully viewed and understood can be rightfully judged, and 'Time' the mechanism that forces the calculation to reach its conclusion. The 'Mercy' phase, between violation, and suspended animation (death), where the violator can ask for forgiveness, the Army of Death performed Anti-Love (evoL) to humans in their charge, violating Law. Satan will be imprisoned for his action for 1000 years, while the earth is restarted, where after those years, released only to perform evoL again for the second time convicting him to deconstruction. Having no life of his own to take as payment, Satan becomes the lake of fire that burns forever as he attempts to enforce the Law upon himself and his Army.