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How To Take Back Control of Your Mind & Your Life

10/14/2004 10:51 AM
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How To Take Back Control of Your Mind & Your Life
I´ve been asked to post this with a different title. I do think it´s important for people to learn and understand what is being done to them.
Learning how NOT to be controlled is as simple as finally seeing that you are. Below is a copy of what I posted in a thread entitled:
"Americans Please Read"

I´m not a very well known member here at GLP and it is not my habit to make comments on politics but I think that this is very important. So. I’m about to go all out.

I am a hypnotist, have been for over 30 years so I do know what I´m talking about. There is another thread here that is trying to bring this to your attention but I feel that this is important enough to create its own thread. It concerns Bush and subliminal ads. PLEASE pay attention! Don’t dismiss this as harmless.

[link to www.rumormillnews.com]

Learn what hypnotism is and what it can do. The American people are being victimized once again by what is called "waking" and subliminal hypnosis. Of course you get it everyday from your news, religions, your politicians, your advertisements and on and on.......... They do it because it works. Do you really believe that an ad company will make a commercial where you´re not even sure what they´re selling just to entertain you? Don´t believe me? Just watch them. Watch that show you have about funny commercials. There´s even a segment called "guess what they´re selling" or something to that extent.

I was shocked in 2000 when Bush was caught red-handed using subliminal ads and just laughed it off. The less you know about how you´re controlled the better, so it´s made to be a joke. I’ve watched a nation so frozen in fear that a man who should be tried as a war criminal is actually running again for president ...... and could even win!

There are so many ways that you’re made to laugh at or fear going to a hypnotist for help. What we do is help you take back control of your thinking. When people come to me they’re aware I’m a hypnotist and there is no possible way that I could ‘control’ them or their thinking. The danger lies in what you don’t know, aren’t aware of, refuse to believe, have been conditioned to laugh at and how it influences you. The minute you recognize it, it no longer has any control over you.

I’ve heard religious fanatics at GLP rave on about never letting anyone hypnotize you. What they fail to see is that waking hypnosis is being used on us all day every day. The danger is to those who refuse to recognize it. Learn about it!

I know that people will always believe what they chose to and I may be wasting my energy here. What I am trying to do is to get you to at least open your eyes and really look at things for yourselves. Find out. Take back control of your own thinking and quit letting others control you. Believe me neither I nor anyone who calls themselves a hypnotist has any control over you - because you know who we are and what we do. That knowledge keeps you in the driver’s seat.

And for those of you who want to shout that I’m not American and it’s not my business, listen to the Canadian news today. Canadians are beginning to fear terrorist attacks BECAUSE of what your president has done in Iraq. The rest of the world knows that terrorism has increased dramatically but some Americans actually feel ‘safer’ with that madman at the helm!
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:18 AM
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Re: How To Take Back Control of Your Mind & Your Life
How does one find a reliable and good hypnotist with a frame of reference similar to yours, Jadin?
Jadin nli
12/08/2005 10:18 AM
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Re: How To Take Back Control of Your Mind & Your Life
I´d highly recommend finding a hypnotist that belongs to the National Guild of Hypnotists. They set high standards.

And, of course, make sure that you feel comfortable with the person you chose. ALWAYS trust your ´gut´ instinct. You get it for a reason.