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Mississippi - This is how GOP will steal Trump delegates in states he won big

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United States
04/25/2016 02:12 PM
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Mississippi - This is how GOP will steal Trump delegates in states he won big
[link to www.breitbart.com]

I watched it myself this past Saturday.

In future elections if a candidate is going to be the people's candidate I think they should run Independent. A new party will have to have "rules" just like the Dem and Rep, only leaving it open to this kind of fuckery, changing rules the day before and outright lying to voters when they show up.

I'm even more pissed today than I was Saturday, I can't calm down.

And fuck-face Rush Limbaugh laughs at Trumps supporters for believing there is delegate manipulation. He says Trump has brainwashed his voters into thinking this. No, asshole Rush, I have witnessed it myself.

BTW, what I saw happen Saturday was established GOP doing everything they can to keep the common voter from having a say in the delegate process. It wasn't a Cruz manipulation here. People in each county that I spoke to felt the majority of delegates that got in were Kasich supporters. The elected delegates will be happy to vote for the candidate the GOP tells them to.

In MS primary in March Trump got 47%, Cruz 36% and Kasich 8%. But the delegates elected this Saturday in no way reflect this.
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