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blunt etc.

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User ID: 69599477
United States
04/05/2016 03:26 AM
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blunt etc.
if this shit /stuff doesn't get me banned, i dont care.

i smoke fat blunts wrapped in cigarette bits, but if b-s dont like it no i mean b-tches, then wtfe. no i mean we've gone to far anyway and its only funny when its in your zone. itll be funny soon.

if something happens that is not in time, it has to happen again, and if it does not happen again, some good humor may come out of it, but some of it will be largely lost.

if something gets lost, dont go lookin for that soab.

one time this bitch said, "shit bitch, fuck you bitch." then i said, "bitch, fuck you bitch. you been bein that fuckin bitch in they for days. then that fuckin bitch walked up and said fuck you bitch." then she said, "bithc, fuck you bitch." then what happened was, this bitch came in and said fuck you bitch i havent been fuckin dat fuckin bitch for then days. then this fuckin bitch said, bitch i fuckin you right now.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22373790
United States
04/05/2016 03:34 AM
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Re: blunt etc.
I tend to agree.