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stuff happens, but...

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User ID: 69599477
United States
04/05/2016 12:25 AM
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stuff happens, but...
stuff happens, but the only way to maintain underground consistancy of underground system movements is to take in for the self and get away from selfish blahing blahing from vagrant god damn inconsistant idiots. the only way to remove gubbered up idiots is to make them stop talking. the only way to make them stop talking is to get them away and get those away who do not really exist. the only way to get rid of those who do not really exist is to remove their right or "interest" in talking, fake talk, "interested" interesting fake talk or "because i want to" talking yabbering that goes on if they "want to". the only way to...

im getting ahead of myself, or "itself" if the screen name was changed. the consistency of ...

..ill get back to you later...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 65232314
United States
04/05/2016 12:38 AM
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Re: stuff happens, but...
Wow, that was a whole lot of nothing.