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Trump is a pawn for Hilary

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/28/2016 01:17 AM
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Re: Trump is a pawn for Hilary

I think every interview and rally is staged anyways and scripted.. but time will tell
 Quoting: WiseLady

I think it's time for a class in Critical Thinking 101.
 Quoting: Cigarette_Smoking_Man

No offence but you put down everyone who isn't enamoured with the lord and saviour Trump. Not much critical thinking goes on when a man can do no wrong...

He isn't the messiah I have a deep distrust of him but in a few months it will have played out and my prediction of him getting no where near the white house will be right or wrong!
 Quoting: Truthserim

Actually the people who follow the Trump phenomenon are in fact the people who use the most critical thinking.

It doesn't exactly require many braincells to come up with the thought process that both you and your colleauge here are spouting, which is completely off the reservation and comes from the same liberal mentality that most liberals run on: Weak mindedness that come up with high levels of fabrication in order to cover up the reality they can't handle.

Donald Trump isn't the messaih, however every other candidate running makes Donald Trump into a God in comparison.

If people on this forum don't like being bashed, then they should stick to fact, not fiction.
 Quoting: Nerin of Dreams

Ignore the bullies OP. Trumptards think with their emotions. They can't handle anything which might shatter their delusions, so they accuse anyone who has anything critical to say about their savior of being a Liberal or a shill.