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Subject We Give in the Name of Justice...
Poster Handle cerebrose
Post Content
We claim to understand the moral value of the act of giving, but given that the promotion of (righteous) abundance is waged as an outright counter to loss, does that understanding not also encompass the moral value of the act of taking?

If we give on the principle that giving is inherently morally apt, then there is no limit. We give until there is nothing left. Of course that's not fair, even if we assure ourselves it is for the better.

When we see others giving what we perceive as too much, we wish for them to have more, yes?

And if we see others taking what we perceive as too much, we wish they have less?

What right do we have to give if justice is the aspiration of our dutiful application?

If the justice of taking should be blind, then so shouldn't the justice of giving?
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