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Message Subject The Interrelated Components of the Embedded Psych-Duality
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am so honestly, earnestly, sick of it all.

No happy endings, no rest. Best we can hope for is a change from a fucked up situation to a weird ass situation.

I'm starting to welcome obliteration.

I don't mean that with loathing, self-loathing or hate. I'm tired. I'm tired, manipulated, twisted, and as much as I want a loving, peaceful world for everyone, I also know that no part of me is probably good enough for it.

Thousands upon thousands of years in agony, for nothing. No ending is happy. I mean, fuck this. Seriously. Who would invent a place where babies are flayed? What am I now, for having been exposed to it? (Even if only through media).
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