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Subject Is It Sometimes Bittersweet When Bad Things Happen To Bad People?
Poster Handle Josie Bear
Post Content
It's a mixed bag, people.

So my ex-husband is a very bad person. So is his wife. They hooked up while we were married and she actually bragged about having sex in my house and she allegedly told people she'd wear my perfume afterward. She also told people he left me because I couldn't have kids (I had three miscarriages while married to him.) There's a LONG list of all the despicable things they did-this doesn't even cover most of it.

From what I understand from mutual friends, they have a horrible relationship and have decided to bring 2 kids into the mix. Apparently she has trust issues and he doesn't want to be a father or a husband. I dislike them because they are selfish assholes who brought innocent children into a toxic mix. She has used her kids as bargaining tools. I HATE women like that. He's a piece of work, too. People say they are perfect for each other.

Now she has some sort of cancer- or lumps that keep coming back after they are removed. Each one is more aggressive than the last. She decides to get pregnant again, allegedly while on chemo pills because she wants a girl. Idiot.

My point is, I majorly dislike both of them, but I don't want her to die and leave her kids without a mom. My friends call it karma, but DAMN. I wouldn't wish this on anyone! Have any of you experienced anything like this? Like when something bad happens to bad people it doesn't make you feel any better? Like maybe you feel some guilt because you hated on them (and rightly so) and now they may be terminally ill?

It is SO confusing. Hoping your enemies don't die? GAH. Don't get me wrong: I wish karma on those who truly deserve it (pedophiles, murderers, etc.) but these are just people who are selfish, emotionally-screwed people and the kids are the true victims.
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