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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, Creativity and Dreams

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03/02/2015 04:34 PM
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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, Creativity and Dreams
For anybody that does not already know what Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is, here is a link:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

I recently rediscovered this phenomenon and would like to share my personal experience.

When I was a child I felt this when my back or head was lightly touched. After many years as a video game stimulated teenager then a caffeine stimulated adult, I forgot about the feeling (and did not place much value on relaxation or sensuality).

A few years ago ASMR started to become popular online, so I tried it. It did not work! A month ago I discovered it again. This time it worked! The reason was simple. I had headphones and the ASMR video was done on a binaural (3D microphone).

The first time it happened, it was like a release of 25 years of tension! a tingle went from my right ear, to my right foot. my entire body jerked as an intense "tickish" feeling jolted through my lower back. I began to laugh uncontrollably. My family looked at me like "WTF".

I listened to video after video. I would close my eyes and imagine the person whispering, tapping, buzzing, blowing and scraping into my ears. The highest quality videos were the best (It felt as though the person were actually behind me).

I initially only felt it on my right side, but after a few evenings of ASMR I felt it more evenly (and more tingly rather than tickley). It got to a point where I would listen to the video at length with my eyes closed. I would enter a meditative state (which I had never experienced before). I also began to get ASMR from almost any sound (on or off a video). Watching a movie , talking to my family, kitty purring, dog sniffing, people tapping, would all induce it.

Every night I would go to bed feeling like a super relaxed jellyfish. I would have vivid dreams that I would actually remember. (Something that only ever happened once in a while). This would happen consistently every night.

Then the biggest change occurred... I felt a super creative energy. I got back into my once abandoned hobby of drawing. I was able to concentrate and draw for hours. I produced the best work I had ever (even out of practice).

I would draw, play music, read, meditate (ASMR). I felt great about everything,(even though I was experiencing the shittiest, coldest, winter EVER!) I even got myself back into exercise!

All these effects were not placebo, as I had no expectation other than tingly feelings.

I then caught the flu and stopped ASMRing for 2 weeks. I lost all my drive and am back to my normal boring depressive self. I now feel healthy enough to try ASMR again. I just had my first session a little while ago. The tingles were almost too intense (from the long break I guess). I decided to stop and save it for later.

I am hopeful that the results will be the same.

Everyone needs to try this.

Remember: HEADPHONES. 3D SOUNDS. If that doesn't work, get someone to give you a head massage.