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oil prices...imin zawahiri..france....today's al queda claim..the granddaddy of intel ops...

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01/14/2015 12:40 PM
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oil prices...imin zawahiri..france....today's al queda claim..the granddaddy of intel ops...
the planning for 9/11 began when oil prices plummeted to 8 a barrel in 1998....the reason the beast of bible prophecy(the all-powerful energy business and its diabolical intel pitbulls) did not create a homerun destabilization event(nuclear introductions), was because they knew that they were going to be able to drive up the prices thru the caspian sea false covenant machinations, the sea being the sea that the beast rises forth from at the start of st. john of patmos' dreamvision...introduction of nuclear weaponry into an act of destabilization would mean an end to the global economic strangulation game...

so now that oil prices are plummeting again, we can certainly expect the planning to begin for another major act of destabilization..this time, however, since putin's far east energy project is driving the prices down for good(all it takes is one to break a monopoly), we WILL most certainly see the introduction of cure-all type weaponry, with the target being the caspian sea swingoil,swingoil being oil responsible for the unprecedented swing in prices since the soviet break-up....

this major act of destabilization will begin, like all the others, with energy controlled global intel,and the incident in france most certainly is the startpoint for armageddon for today al queda claimed responsibility with dr. imin Zawahiri being named as the maestro of the incident..this is the way it works..

control of the leftwing intel assets in france pushed the anti-Islamic publishi8ng event..working together with Islamo fascist intel in Nigeria, the military energy state, the genuinely angered hounds were released(remember how the pussy rioters angered putin thru the cathedral incursion)and we have the worldwide media event...to finish of the intel preparation,we find that a target has been placed on imin zawahiri, as today al queda and Zawahiri are taking credit...

this is where understanding prophecy leads us to the doorstep of armageddon, as zawahiri and bin ladin are the infamous watching/witnessing father-son team(the 2 witnesses) that must be killed right before the fur begins to fly..bin ladin is gone....now the intel gang has the other half of its leadership target in view for all the gullable world to see..when zawahiri is killed in revenge for the deadly france charade, prophecy tells us there will follow, in 3 days, an unprecedented quake..at that point, prophecy continues,the third and final woe will come, and come quickly..that woe is the battle at Armageddon..