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Your Thoughts: Doesn't It All Come Down to Trying To Make a Fake Cyber World & Convince Us It's the Real One?

mehitable lives
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12/31/2013 02:51 PM
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Your Thoughts: Doesn't It All Come Down to Trying To Make a Fake Cyber World & Convince Us It's the Real One?
Just to share a thought about our Brave New World with you on this New Year's Eve:

All the inventions, machinations, manipulations, social theories, philosophies, media, advertising, economics, etc, of the past few decades are really only about the attempt of what I will term...the Dark Side...to create a fake world to rival and (they hope) supercede, the natural world of the Creator.

And aren't all their ideas and beliefs and brainwashings and police states and political correctness, etc, all about getting us to believe that this artificial world is the REAL one and that the Natural World - where men and women fall in love to build families, where families are the basis for communities, where humans have basic inalienable rights given by that Creator, where there is inherent value in flesh and blood rather than machines, where skills of creating and making actual things in the real world are to be valued instead of speculations over digitized fantasies - is the one we should prize and build and have our loyalty? That the Natural World, with its seeming imperfections, is our true and essential home?

The Natural World is the world of much heralded, but unloved, Common Sense that shows us through the CONSEQUENCES of actions what is to be promoted and what should be ignored or discarded. The Fake World, the Cyber World, is the one where all things seem possible because they are just occurring in a world of imagination, and consequences can be covered up and manipulated. It is a controlled world of lies and fantasy.

I think that is the real goal of the devils of this world and other dimensions....to try to create a rival environment to entrap Mankind in a world cut off from the Natural World and real consequences, and therefore, also cut off from the Creator and from living spirit. It's a world that feeds on itself and has no natural means of reproduction except to drag in new, brainwashed victims who think they are creating the Utopia.

It's the world where men want to become machines, because they no longer understand, on any level, the value of suffering or the necessity of death. They don't understand that to become part of a machine...or a machine itself, is to experience death of the soul by cutting oneself off from the God that sustains true life.

This creation of an alternate world to the Creator's, seems to me to be the ultimate goal of jealous and envious beings who cannot participate in the true creation of spirit and therefore are trying to fool us into accepting this mechanized, parallel, version, where all things are beautiful and we are always in control.

But entropy exists in the machine world too, and they are doomed to fail. How many will they drag down with them before their eyes are open to the full beauty of the Creator's Universe, even to those mysteries that seem so unhappy to us on the surface. We have to learn to be comfortable with the idea that something will always remain hidden to us and that Creation inevitably contains an element of Chaos...the Chaos that sparks change. We cannot control everything - we probably control very little....which is why we must learn patience and acceptance.

I'm rambling and probably didn't say this very well, but that's what I think is at the heart of it - of all the evil and the plotting and the lies and the deception - the desire to create another existence apart from God. What do you think?