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Is Michel Hayek the Most Accurate Psychic Predictor in the World?

This article says he is
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12/18/2005 01:40 AM
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Is Michel Hayek the Most Accurate Psychic Predictor in the World?
Hayek predictions score high marks

By Jessy Chahine
Daily Star staff
Saturday, December 17, 2005

BEIRUT: Last New Year's Eve, renowned Lebanese psychic Michel Hayek predicted the death of Beirut MP and An-Nahar General Manager Gebran Tueni. That evening, as has been the case for nearly a decade, Hayek appeared on LBC television to offer 16 predictions for the following year.

Among last year's predictions, 14 have so far proved accurate, the most recent being Tueni's assassination.

"Unfortunate events will threaten the lives of five Lebanese personalities, among whom is a minister, Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and leading journalist Gebran Tueni," he said at the time.

The unnamed minister was later identified as Defense Minister Elias Murr, who survived a car bombing targeting his Porsche SUV on July 12.

The two that have either not happened or are not known to have happened are the threat to Lahoud's life and the fact that an internationally famous figure has settled in Lebanon.

"When I feel a hunch for something, I concentrate intensely and the visions become clearer," said Hayek. "What I do or feel is not exceptional or heroic. Everyone can do it if they know how to concentrate."

Over the past weeks, group e-mails and numerous rumors have circulated throughout Lebanon, warning of "future terrorist acts" Hayek predicted will occur in the coming days.

One rumor now proved pure speculation was that "the walls of Beirut will cry for their children" on December 9 or 10. Tueni was killed on the 12th.

An e-mail read "Attention: Michel Hayek reported that a very weird and sudden thing is going to hit Beirut, specifically Downtown, next Saturday so everyone pay attention and pass this message to all your online contacts."

Hayek rejected this as nonsense. "Everything like this you read in e-mails or hear by word of mouth is a rumor," he said. "The only credible sources of my predictions are television, magazines or newspaper interviews."

Among Hayek's other accurate predictions for 2005 were former Premier Rafik Hariri's assassination, the attempted murder of May Chidiac, the bombings of the Voice of Charity radio station and St. John's Church in Jounieh, Michel Aoun's return and the release of Samir Geagea.