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Costa Concordia

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User ID: 11079951
02/19/2012 08:12 AM
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Costa Concordia
I've got some strange desire to see the interior of the ship now its been sunk. I search for images on google, but mostly all you get is the exterior at a distance. Maybe there is extra leaked footage or pictures that would be interesting to look at? A ship this huge has not sunk for a long time. If anyone has any good pics they like, maybe they can post a link....

Oh, and they found some cocaine in the captains hair. He was living it large!

Here's a few pics to get a general idea....

Here's pics from before the disaster.
- [link to i.telegraph.co.uk]
- [link to designyoutrust.com]

Here's one of her pitching to the side.
- [link to www.selaplana.com]

And some of her beached on the rocks, half sunk.
- [link to media.salon.com]
- [link to cdn3.standard.net]

Here's a pic from way up high of the beached ship. She's HUGE!
- [link to i.telegraph.co.uk]

A view of the size of the damage that bought her down.
- [link to i.dailymail.co.uk]

And here's a pic of the cool stuff that could now be underwater.
- [link to i.telegraph.co.uk]
- [link to www.travelsnitch.org]

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Crankgorilla  (OP)

User ID: 11198846
02/21/2012 09:44 AM
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Re: Costa Concordia
bump I don't like bumping my own threads, but I posted it a few days ago. Time to go fishing again.

User ID: 1538985
United States
02/21/2012 09:48 AM
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Re: Costa Concordia
[link to i.telegraph.co.uk]


Fascinating pics, all of them -- but one really impressed me with the whole gargantuan stupidity of it all.

5 stars and a bump!
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