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You only destroy yourself when acting in aggression (Raise your vibrations for the shift)

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/30/2012 03:07 AM
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You only destroy yourself when acting in aggression (Raise your vibrations for the shift)
It doesn't take much to notice that on this particular forum, there is more racist and outright angry comments than on probably any other forum that I have witnessed. 4 Chan may be an exception, but, I don't frequent that forum.

Nonetheless, I'm not for sure how badly you realize that you compromise yourselves by doing this. Although you think your actions are anonymous, it isn't some other foreign entity keeping track...its YOU. You're reinforcing negativity into your own minds...repetitively. -Do you realize what you're doing to yourselves?-

Thoughts are composed of electricity...literally. Electricity is composed of currents, wavelengths and frequencies. Reality is LITERALLY COMPOSED of the same THINGS.


Have you EVER really thought about this equation and the implications thereof?-

Energy = MASS multiplied by Carbon Squared.

YOUR ENTIRE REALITY IS BASED OFF OF ELECTRICITY or ENERGY. The more negativity that you put out is the same amount that you will inevitably ABSORB.

Definition of Wavelength:

[link to dictionary.reference.com]

Physics - the distance, measured in the direction of propagation of a wave, between two successive points in the wave that are characterized by the same phase of oscillation.

I am going to try to illustrate the elevation of our vibrational frequencies by vaguely explaining some scientific facts about light. I am hoping to link this idea to "spiritual growth," and the process of evolutionary "development." It should be pretty easy to understand...I think. Also, you must understand that when I say the term, "spiritual growth," I am speaking in generalities. I am not under the illusion that what we perceive and experience down here is "spiritual." Its more like...digital. However, that discussion will have to occur at another time.

Wavelength and color-

[link to science-edu.larc.nasa.gov]

Essentially, here's how things operate; The longer the wavelength of light, the less energy that wavelength carries. We can look at this in a variety of ways. However, lets explore the color Red.

Red-650nm. Red often equates to aggression, anger, systemic control (Police lights, stop-lights, stop signs, octagon geometry...(containment). Biohazard...etc.

Red is one of the longest wavelengths within the visible spectrum. This can be demonstrated by the amount of time it takes this wavelength to oscillate from end to end and, we can clearly see the amount of energy it would take in order to transform into a higher frequency of orange light which oscillates at 590nm. Orange is a much more positive frequency than Red, and it has allowed enough of the more pure white into its spectrum in order to change it from oscillating at 650nm to 590nm.

Metaphor- The path of negativity (Red) is long and trying. It is a longer wavelength because it involves a longer process of consistent and repeated patterns (bad habits) with short bursts of power in order to continue its perilous journey. The wavelength of the color red is demonstrative that a person following a path of negativity will have constant and repeating patterns and that the journey that they undertake is often self-defeating, therefore the trap in which they purposefully choose involves a very long Karmic cycle of pain. In order to gain any knowledge from these lower vibrational planes, one must soak deep into that path for an extended period, where "Old Souls," often find themselves "trapped."

Metaphor continued: Once one allows a bit of "pure LOVING LIGHT," into their system, their wavelength suddenly changes from red (650nm) to Orange (590nm). Their system evolves to being able to process more LIGHT (E=MC2), and the distance between the next learning phase of LOVE shortens and becomes more charged with + energy. Remember, the Shorter the wavelength, the more powerful the charge.

This implies that your journey, when going towards the LIGHT OF LOVE will grow exponentially shorter as your mind casts away ego and embraces a more pure form of thought and existence. The more you purify your conduit, the quicker one evolves into a higher state of resonance and vibrational existence.

For instance: As we can clearly see, this article demonstrates the color scale involving wavelengths and frequencies and their overall strength and charge. It is simply a matter of science that lower vibrational frequencies involve a considerably less powerful, less evolved charge, and additionally, they have a longer, lower, and slower resonance.

[link to www.absoluteastronomy.com]

So as you can see, in order to RIDE this wavelength of negativity as a means of learning, one has to be aware that the process will be mathematically, slow and grating. You must KNOW that this is all CHOICE and not forced. You are given trials in order to arise from them with grace. The more grace that you ultimately show, the more you eliminate the negative vices which keep you distracted from higher vibrational possibilities.

Don't do anything which contributes to lower vibrational thought processes...

If you do any of below mentioned THINGS, just be aware of what you open your mind to. Additionally you should think about your general behavior when you are engaged in these activities: And then ask yourself, "am I a generally POSITIVE person, or am I a generally NEGATIVE person?" How do people FEEL when they are around me? It doesn't really matter what they THINK, because there will ALWAYS be haters, but, you can get a general sense of the type of person YOU are by the atmosphere that is created in any situation that you are around. For instance: Do you ever notice that there are certain people, that no matter WHERE they go, fights break out...EVEN if the person in question has nothing to do with it? -There are inherent reasons for this, as this is the type of atmosphere in which they create, whether conscious, or on a subconscious level.- Their vibrational field will literally LOWER the overall vibrational field of an entire group, causing chaotic behavior wherever they are at. This is a clear sign of a person who has honed this frequency for MANY LIFETIMES...(Old souls.) -You see, to be an "old soul," in a 3 dimensional environment isn't something to brag about. This is usually indicative that this particular soul has spent much time perfecting the art of lower vibrational behavior, while never evolving beyond the confines of their environment. Lower vibrational fields will ALWAYS be contained in lower vibrating 3 dimensional existences. This is indicative of one who practices, whether consciously or not, energy vampirism, the art of self-service, division, anger, pride, warfare, puppeteering, etc. They reincarnate repetitively in lower dimensional existences for the sake of being a "controller," and wielding the "illusion of power." This can often be found in youthful religious practices such as Satanism or witchcraft. Even worse, It can also be found in non-direct, or non-religious affiliated "service to self" behavior which simply becomes selfish actions and motives that are practiced by society in general. (examples: someone who steals for the thrill of it, someone who spends more time in the mirror than living their lives, someone who's entire existence is defined by money. The person who has removed MORAL INTEGRITY from their life equation.) To me, Morality is easily defined as; The treatment of others according to the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you have them do unto you." YOU'D BE SURPRISED HOW MUCH THIS SIMPLE IDEA IS TRANSGRESSED TO THE POINT OF UTTER COMPLEXITY, AND IF PRACTICED, THE PURGING OF LOWER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES WOULD ONLY BE NATURAL.

Let this be heard loud and clear, because I promise you, it will only benefit you to know this...

The most dangerous type of lower vibrational entity is the type who:

A. is aware of their actions and are aware of what they serve, so, they are willing to sacrifice anything and everything to feed their own gratification. (Energy vampires, satanists, a large percentage of wiccans, certain branches of paganism) -I am not merely saying these things for the fun of it. I have personally watched in REAL-TIME many practicing wiccans open doorways that they weren't even aware existed. Therefore, they are unaware of 90% of what is occurring around them and what was feeding off of their energies. I have watched a self-proclaimed "Shaman," create gateways where she was inadvertently pulling in egoic entities and feeding these entities the energies of the people participating in her "ceremony." -She too, was unaware of the grid-lines that were being tripped as she called on her "earth spirits," for "protection." -These "earth spirits," were not AT ALL what she "THOUGHT" that they were. I was called a week later to cleanse that particular area of "Negative Spirits." -And let me tell you, THAT WAS NO JOKE- When I performed that little "Shin-dig," the wind went INSANE, bending trees from side to side.

Last but not least- I've watched pagans practically sacrifice their own energies to minuscule beings for the purposes of merely "FEELING energies," moving through their bodies. Thinking they had contacted something great, they were writhing and dancing in conjunction with lower vibrational spirits (codes/numbers) who were using them as sock puppets. (Shaking head.)

-There is a host of deceptions out there that one must be aware of, and much of it comes from the inexperienced channeling energies out of curiosity, or for the sake of pulling answers from the cosmos.- Here's the flaw in that though- The cosmos is REALLY BIG and so are some of the energies that they are inadvertently screwing with.- Some of those "big," energies DON'T have their best interests in mind, in fact, MANY of them DO NOT. Even worse, there are little lower vibrational beings that attempt to ACT BIG, thereby feeding the ego of the unfortunate "conduit," to which they are working through. This is always for not though...because the conduit only gets fed just enough information to fatten it up for a good DRAINING.

The Next Lower Vibrating Entity To Watch for is:

B. the person who hasn't a clue to whom or what they serve, but, find their fulfillment of self in the constant consumption of materials while purposefully participating in the misery of others. Some have become so negatively charged that they are no longer conscious of their primary focuses and what they choose to participate in. Here are the tell tale signs, or symptoms of such a person: Gossip, crude behavior, intense mood switches, uncontrolled anger, brooding, always sick, always has drama, never happy, cannot focus on anything except for conflict, rarely polite, argumentative, irrational, selfish, always speaking about negative situations, over dominant personalities, calls you only when there are problems, ALWAYS in the process of absorbing or asking for resources, rarely contributes while always taking, dominates space or conversations, utilizes insults to promote one's own superiority, etc. Other physical attributes are ran down appearances, lines on forehead and around eyes, rapid aging, repetitive spots of anxiety and nervousness which show in restless and moody behavior, paranoia which can be found in overall behavior and how they react to their environments. Many people have seen these signs in growing numbers. Now, I will say this...to a certain extent, we ALL display moments and flashes of all above-mentioned items. However, there are those who have these flashes and then rise above them, and then there are those who soak in these experiences, trying to drag as many with them as humanly possible.

-Each of these LOWER VIBRATIONAL TYPES cause irreparable damage to their surroundings because the frequency in which they vibrate (Their aura) slowly infects all those who share their space-However, with thought, action, and mastery, one can gain control over their own environment while harmonizing with the Universe to create a much more "stabilized," and "LOVING" area when they are confronted with the "Lower Vibrational types." Stability and LOVE can be maintained in the most seemingly "chaotic," of environments. In fact, it doesn't take long for one to inject LOVE into an area before the initial phase of chaos begins to wear down. This has been demonstrated TIME AND AGAIN out at the lake and in real-time situations around town. Those who have seen it, can vouch for it.

This is a definite list to entertain of things NOT to do: All of these things are guidelines and blueprints and are not being suggested as a means of judgment. If you can avoid any of these items, then, I'd say put it into action. If you act responsibly and think that you have it "under control," then, I won't tell you what is RIGHT for you.

Anyway...here are items that I have noticed that typically tend to weaken people:

1. Drinking/Depressant (lowers inhibitions and vibrational fields causing depressive behavior) Sometimes inhibitions are the filters that we need to prevent ourselves from interfering in the free-will of others.

2. Watching Horror Movies (The images you put in your mind are the images that will be played back to you)

3. Hard Drugs (Meth/Heroine,Coke)

4. Gossip

5. Jealousy

6. LUST (I'm serious about this. This isn't an attempt to sound "RELIGIOUS") People stop thinking rationally and act on impulse simply because they feel chemicals swimming around in their heads. Often, people will mistake "LUST," for romantic love, which, in of itself, is merely an impostor. The only TRUE LOVE of the highest order is that of the Unconditional. Everything else is a copy of a copy. And through the process of attenuation (loss of signal strength over distance), signals can be lost...scrambled, and devalued when following "flights of fancy."

I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say that they truly love their partner unconditionally, yet, end up separated almost a week after the statement was made. Can one have romantic feelings for a partner that they LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY? YES...but, until the unconditional aspect has been FIRST defined and established, the relationship will suffer the symptoms that all relationships do that ARE NOT FIRST based from the unconditional LOVE equation. Lust is a physical response, sometimes even subconscious, registered by your brain that informs your BODY of whom your genetic code best matches for the purposes of procreation...nothing more. It is a simple trigger within the machine body to continue its path of "life," and to perpetuate the species. Hence, the reason why animals often go into heat at specific times, or women become fertile in cycles. Remember, everything is mathematic. You must understand that you were given instincts as a means to navigate and operate your environment, not as a means to become LOST in it. This matrix folds itself over many times over, and provides a carnival of distractions in order to keep you here and dependent upon this reality. Remember the divinity from which you came...

Its time to evolve and use our gifts of technology (our minds) to create something better...

LOVE YOU ALL...17.7777777(infinity)